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By offering a course planning and tracking feature, our tool enables high school students to stay on track towards graduation and make informed decisions about college admission requirements.


Members can access our collection of recordings on education and career development topics, gaining insights from experts in different fields and staying informed about the latest trends and advancements.


Our directory of professionals enables students to connect with tutors, mentors, and counselors, with the added benefit of reviews that help students identify the right professional for personalized assistance and advice.

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A platform that helps students find volunteering opportunities in their local communities. This feature can help students gain valuable experience, develop their skills, and build their resumes.


A database of scholarships and grants that students can apply for. This feature can help students finance their education and pursue their academic and career goals.


A platform that helps students find internships in different fields. This feature can provide students with an opportunity to gain practical experience, build their skills, and develop their professional networks.

Summer Programs

A platform that collates summer programs for high school students, offered by top institutes. These programs provide a comprehensive and rigorous introduction to college-level academics.

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